Pop Culture Statues Made Of Scrap Metal

If you need something to really tie a room together and feel like referencing some of the biggest pop culture icons, scroll down and unfold the magic.

The guys at Kreatworks are a talented bunch, led by Mr. Sudjai (Mai), who have been working on a series of statues made entirely out of scrap metal. These statues reference pop culture icons in a steampunk-like fashion, and thanks to their astounding level of detail, combined with a pretty big size (between 20 in. to 9 ft), will get geeks drooling and asking for more.



If you fondly remember the classic movies, the kickass comics or the videogames, and look for a way to reference them in your living room, this statue might be just for you. Predator looks more intimidating than ever.


Our favorite Murphy (sorry Eddie) has a gun and is not afraid to use it. This would be the perfect defense for your house and area if only it moved like in the movies. Oh, well, we’ll have to set with its killer looks.


It’s great to see Hellboy, one of the steampunk genre’s bigger icons, represented in metal. Mike Mignola’s creation even has the characteristic coat, and we can’t even imagine how much work it must have taken to create with auto parts.


Spider-man does much more than “whatever a Spider can”, as in, look awesome when recreated as a kickass sculpture.



The cute robot from Pixar’s masterpiece is recreated with a stunning level of detail. Imagine how crazy he and Eve would go after finding all those plants in your garden!



Don’t get us wrong, we love this accurate representation of Transformers, as seen on the Michael Bay movies, but where’s Megan Fox? We can never have enough of her. Oh, well, Optimus Prime and Bumblebee will have to do.


Jack Sparrow


The most charming pirate in movie history, Jack Sparrow, was recreated with metal scraps too. Now, just check out his hair, and imagine how long it would take to do that yourself.



If you are still thinking about the Predator statue displayed at the top, and feel like it needs a worthy enemy, feel free to recreate the magic of the classic Alien Vs. Predator videogame and movie thanks to this statue. We’d be too scared to be in the same room, though.

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