All You Need To Know About The Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller

Ever since its introduction in this year’s E3, Microsoft’s Xbox One controller has become an absolute sensation and a must-have for hardcore gamers. We’re talking about a specially crafted Xbox One joystick for the Xbox One built with only the most hardcore gamers in mind, a controller players can even customize and change bits and pieces to make it fit their style for any given game. After spending some time with the controller, this is what we can tell you about it.

Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller

Microsoft had a spectacular presentation at this year’s E3 in LA, with several announcements and trailers that showcased from future games to upcoming technology not necessarily Xbox related. Out of all the stuff that got shown was the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller, which was an absolute smash hit among gamers.This is a specially built Xbox One joystick with only the gamers who spend hours and hours in front of their TVs and consoles in mind, to help them achieve the best possible performance when gaming.

Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller 2

The new Elite Controller has several new features, such as 4 new paddles behind it that are ideal for racing games, to add an extra dose of realism whether you’re playing Forza, Project CARS, or any other similar titles. Gamers can also modify the mapping or setting of each and evey button, so besides configuring a relative level of automation for the triggers which works wonders when you are playing competitive FPS ala Call of Duty or Battlefield  The biggest feature, the one that made fans fall in love with it, though, is the option to exchange pieces for other pieces to get the weight just right – you can get the feeling in your hands just perfect by switching materials, or pick a pad that adjusts better to whatever it is you feel like doing with it. There is a gamepad with the four directions, just like every other console, or one shaped like a plate, to ease jumping from one direction to the next. Finally, to top it all off, this controller features a connector for 3,5 mm headphones, something that had been requested quite a lot among gamers.

Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller 3

These controllers cost $150 USD, but the demand for them has been so overwhelming that most retailers don’t have them in stock anymore and prices are inflated like crazy. Regardless, Microsoft has already promised that they would restock before the holiday season so gamers will be able to buy them again and use in either their Xbox One or Windows 10 PC. Any way you see it, one Elite controller costs three times as much as a regular Xbox One controller, but if you are serious about your hobby, and being competitive matters a lot to you, you might as well choose to be comfortable with one of the greatest pieces of hardware to ever come out of Microsoft’s R&D department.

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