Awesome All-In-One 2600 mod cleans up your gaming clutter

Calling all retro geeks! If you ever found yourself wishing you had every single Atari 2600 controller in one spot, look no further than this kick ass mod.

atari2600allin1’s user x2Jiggy throws all retro gamers a curveball with a DYI project that’ll clean up your gaming cupboard or save you a few hundred dollars from getting and keeping those 2600 controllers. Considering the price of all retro gaming gear and how simple the Atari joysticks are wired, Jiggy took out the tools and decided to throw down an all-in-one solution that has the joystick, paddle and keyboard controller for the old console. No more messing about when you’re switching gaming sessions, and a far less costly investment if you’re trying to get all of the Atari’s functions right in your living room.

The mod uses a gutted out wooden box, some simple switches and some cabling giving the whole project a sturdy, modern take on an old concept that’s sure to get yourself noticed next time you host a game night. Check out all the steps and an awesome look at the finished product in the video below.

So whether you’re tired of untangling a mess of cables to pick a new controller for your next round of beer pong, or if you just don’t feel like throwing down a few hundred bucks on a new set of controllers, give it a try if you’re any good with a bit of soldering.  Hopefully in the near future, we’ll get a USB version of this to play some old classics on a MAME emulator, or NES arcade.

Source: Instructables

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