Alternative Artistic Takes on Famous Fairy Tales

The more we grow up, and the more cynical the world around us becomes, the less that the fairy tales we grew up make sense.

In order to make some sense in this chaos, some very talented artists give a much more modern and realistic view to some fairy tales through brilliant interpretations of how it really should have gone down.



Yudi Chen switches the genders of the main characters, it shows just how preposterous they are.

fairy tale math

A brilliant ad campaign by Brian Candy Toys, turning classic fairy tales into math equations.


Part of a series by Thomas Czaerncki called From Enchantment to Down, giving a darker, more realistic version to fairy tale stories.


Drake Brodahl Goldilocks

Drake Bordahl realizes the only reason the Bears let Goldilocks finish her porridge and take a nap in piece is because she looked like a released felon.

Bears eating goldilocks

In actuality, the bears are more likely to simply eat the intruder and make a cup out of her head than become her friends and gracious hosts.

Little Red Riding Hood

Matt Saunders Wolf Forest

Nice work by Matt Saunders, summing the tale of a girl stalked by a wolf in the woods with one powerful image.

Helena Garcia LRRH

There are quite a few endings to the changing fairy tale over the years. One of them should be making the wolf into a hat or coat, as done by Helena Garcia.



Steampunk is always cool, and makes even more sense in the case of the wooden (metal in this one by Fabricio Moraes) boy.


Rapunzel Graph

Architectural firms Bernheimer Architecture, Leven Betts and Guy Nordenson and Associates worked together to put together an elaborate set of design specs conforming to the classic Grimm tale.

Snow White

Snow White

Part of the “Disasterland” by Rodolfo Loaiza, showing the behind the scenes of famous fairy-tale events.

For more fairy-tale realism you should be interested in, check out Fairy Tale Princesses in a Bleak, Modern Future.

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