Mind Blowing Bowser Vs. Charizard Super Smash Bros Artwork

Christopher Moschler, besides being a gifted graphic designer, illustrator and concept artist is one very cool guy. Christopher creates amazing artworks and personally I think more people should see get to know his incredible work.

This epic piece called “Smash” will be very much loved by Pokemon and Super Mario Bros fans. Originally Christopher set out to make this painting for a friend, but at some point he stopped working on it. A few weeks ago he got back to it, only this time he took it to the next level and did it way crazier than he ever meant to. You can follow him on his deviantart,tumblr and Facebook accounts.

Mind Blowing Bowser Vs. Charizard  Super Smash Bros Artwork

Bowser Vs. Charizard – Who would win this epic fight?

On one hand Bowser’s lava can definitely grant him the win but on the other hand Charizard is faster, can fly so perhaps he would claim victory in this battle of legends. I’m sure if you’re cheering for Bowser you’ll probably have tons of reasons why he can get this win, and if you are on team Pokemon you’d probably disagree, and thinks that for Charizard this is really a slam dunk win. Either way both fanbases will agree on one thing: this painting is super cool.

The details are amazing; the colors, the composition. Absolutely everything on this painting is so right, no surprise that when taking a step back to see the final result it looks perfect. Usually when we see great art like this, you just see the final result. However, in this case, Christopher kept track of his work process and this speed-paint video is definitely one of the best I’ve ever. To get to watch the whole process and understand how he made this piece is mind blowing.

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