Recycle Your Old Crayons with Crayola the Crayon Maker

Kids love to draw and paint, and all kids love to paint with their lovely pack of crayons. Well, all moms know that they are most often saddled with containers of crayon rubs that are too tiny for a kid to hold. Kids are reluctant to part with these fragments and cling on to them, which poses a problem for moms, what with being forced to store away these tiny stubs of crayons.Mothers need not worry anymore, since Crayola crayon maker comes to the rescue. This gadget helps you to recycle all those worn down bits of crayons into new ones, mixing together all those colors you like to form new and wild combinations. If your kid loves just those old single colored crayons, there’s nothing stopping Crayola from sticking to making just those. But of course, kids love to experiment and can prove to be highly adventurous and would even think of creating tie-dye inspired crayons.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to be able to create your own pack of colorful crayons? That’s how inventive Crayola crayon maker can turn out to be! With this incredible Crayola crayon maker, old crayon bits and pieces are transformed into new crayons in wild and colorful combinations. It’s very simple, just mix in those tiny crayon rubs, melt them down, pour into the mold and let it harden. And you are ready to color away again, with these amazing crayon creations.

The Crayola crayon maker pack includes a crayon maker, crayon holders to make dual tipped crayons and crayons to get started too. All you require is one clear and colorless 60 watt candelabra light bulb, with a small base. You are warned against using extended life bulbs. Melting and molding is incredible fun for the kids and the clear hood allows kids to watch while their crayons melt. The safety latch lid stays locked while melting. By crating their own wild combinations of crayons, kids get to be more creative and thrilled about being able to create their own master pieces.

The Crayola crayon maker is built from durable blue plastics and initially, the kit comes with four classic colored crayons, which can be broken into pieces and mixed together in the machine’s melting trays. While the crayons are melted down in the metal trays, the safety latch lid is left locked. The lid is clear and hence, kids and adults alike get to watch while the crayons melt. A yellow lever on the side of the side of the Crayola crayon maker tilts the metal tray to pour the melted crayons into the molds. It comes with two compartments and two new color designs can be created at a time. When they are hardened enough, the plastic mold frame snaps open to reveal your lovely new crayons.

With Crayola crayon maker, parents too can join in the fun and encourage the young budding artists in their kids. One can own Crayola at the price of $19.95 only.

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