Is Google Going to Unveil an Android Messaging Service?

At this years Apple Conference, Apple announced a new iMessaging service for it’s iOS devices, similar to that of the BBM service. According to “a person familiar with the matter,” Google may be on it’s way to producing something similar as well.

Google has never to be known to not develop software (or hardware for that matter) that people like to use, and then take it to the next level at times. With multiple services available now that offer instant messaging capabilities on portable devices, Google may be trying to create one as well for it’s line-up of Android devices. My only question is, what about G Talk?

While Google’s G Talk is a very useful service, there is a rumor that it will in fact create it’s on instant messaging service for the Android OS. A report from the Wall Street Journal claims that, according to a person familiar with the matter, Google “has also recently worked on a messaging application.” Sorry guys and gals, that’s all the information that was given, though. It puzzles me as to why Google would invest in creating a new messaging service like this when G Talk is such a used application. I’m going to assume that rather than create a new product, the will simply improve upon the G Talk service to offer the ability to send Videos and Pictures, which both iMessage and BBM can do. You can read about the iMessage Service by reading iOS 5: What You Need To Know and also check out the Elixir App for Android!

Via: PhoneDog