Elixir App for Android Gives You Every Detail About Your Phone

Android phones are great for the amount of creativity they give, as well as the freedom to shape the phone in the designers own image. Elixir, a free app from the Android Marketplace, aims to deliver you all the information about your phone that you could ever need, for free!

While your Android device is pretty capable of giving you it’s own system diagnosis, some apps out there seem to do it better. In the case of this app, Elixir not only does it better, but makes it more convenient as well. From the ground up, Elixir clearly aims to give you as much information as it possibly can about your phone. Couple that with it’s outstanding widgets and you will find yourself amazed by this app.

As you can see from the above image, Elixir is capable of giving you information about anything your phone does, and this is only it’s first of three sections, and only about 1/3 of the list. Tapping on any of the slots will bring up a small menu that will also give more information about the subject. Doing this, I found out that my Droid X is dubbed “shadow” by taping on the top bar. Interesting stuff can be learned from this app, and I spent an easy five minutes playing with all of the sensors… While most of this is not information that is useful to the everyday user, this apps shining glory is really it’s widget support, which is outstanding.

The widgets (seen below) are great for keeping tabs on how your phone is doing. There are 19 widgets for Elixir, all offering different sizes and variations to fit your needs. Once you have selected a size, you can then select which items you would like to display on the widget, which has some 20+ items to choose from. If you install the optional “Elixir Personal Add-On,” you can access even more of these, and doing so will allow you to access things such as you SMS inbox, email, phone, etc.

Elixir for Android is an amazing little app, and for free, there isn’t much else out there that can beat it. Head on over to the Android Marketplace to check it out, or scan the QR Code below to be taken directly to it on your phone!

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Via: MakeUseOf