Angry Birds Carnival Game Booth in China

The other day, I asked someone what the colors red, blue, black, white and yellow referred to. Without wasting a single second he replied,”the Angry Birds!” Such is this game’s fan base and this game of furious evil-swine-killing, short-tempered birds has now reached a new high; with the opening of a carnival booth designed on the game in China.Angry Birds Arcade Game Booth

Do you remember how the carnivals were a major part of our life before all the Gaming consoles hit the market? Well some Angry Birds fans thought of giving the game a retro touch by opening a carnival game booth in China.

This carnival version of Angry Birds functions exactly like your touch interface version, with the only difference being that it requires a lot more strength to pull the slingshot, unlike the simple and effortless finger slide on the iPhone.  So you pull the slingshot and fling an Angry doll at the evil pigs and drop them off their wooden structures. Cool isn’t it?

Although your Black Angry Bird doll won’t self destruct and the small blue bird won’t miraculously turn into three, this arcade game definitely lives up to the game’s soaring image and gives you something you could play with fellow fans, family members or your date.

I hope this game finds home in other countries soon. As for now let’s get back to improving our skills on the iPhone version!

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Via: Micgadget