The Best New Geeky Art of the Week #1

Ryu and Ken lost in a Nintendo type kingdom while Mario and Superman fight DBZ folk. Han & Leia livin’ it up during their golden years, the Joker gives Flash and Bats some trouble which seems to be a bit too much for Flash, a forgotten cartoon classic, Pikachu in a nightmarish version and Calvin & Hobbes in an adorable take on Back to the Future.

Street Fighter Meets Mario

Ken, Ryu and Chun-Li in unknown surroundings.

More Torokun Art – Mario vs Dragon Ball Z

Han & Leia in Up

More great work from James Hance.

The Joker With Batman and Flash

He let the secret out.

The Harry Potter Trio

Goku Fighting Superman

BTTF: Calvin & Hobbes

Marty & Doc like you’ve never seen ’em before.

Frightening Pikachu

I haven’t decided if this is scary or awesome.

A Modern Take on Rocko’s Modern Life

Suicidal Clown