Pizza Time Meets Gaming Time: PizzaBoy Pocket!

8bitAesthetics comes up with a delicious design for a Game Boy Pocket.

PizzaBoy Pocket by 8bitAesthetics image 1

Pizza in the morning, pizza in the evening, pizza at suppertime… and now pizza in your pocket. Baked in the oven of the collective minds over at retro-gaming modders 8bitAesthetics, is a Game Boy Pocket designed to look like a slice pizza.

Back to front this portable paint job – done by newbanZo – looks mighty tasty. There’s cheese, pepperoni (the best pizza topping, come at me bros!), and a crust. All the core ingredients to create a classic yummy pie, with none of that cheese-filled nonsense.

PizzaBoy Pocket by 8bitAesthetics image 2

I will allow for the red-tinted LED backlight and clear red buttons as added fixings, because it looks so darn awesome. Of course that’s the kind of radical dedication the guys and gals over at 8bitAsethetics are know for, especially considering their past creations.

Normally, 8bitAsethetics sell their modded works via their site, and that was the case for this pizza-themed Game Boy Pocket (retailed for $119.99), but sadly it was bought up pretty fast. Word on the street is that Nyan Cat creator Chris Torres purchased this bad boy.

I hope he enjoys this one-of-a-kind Game Boy Pocket. Dang, I know it would be a prized possession in my fingers, much like all the geeky items we cover here on, e.g. LEGO Alien facehugger and a collar that keeps your neck cool.