Vintage Mega Man 2 Action Figures

Hand-made and full of nostalgia (for horrid game boxes), these Mega Man 2 action figures are awesome.

Mega Man and Dr. Light vintage action figures by Chicago Toy Collector image 1

The North American box art for Mega Man 2 and likewise its predecessor are notoriously know in the annals of video game history as some of the worst box art to ever grace a physical product. Hands down, folks.

Recently though, thanks to the nostalgic push of Mega Man 9, both covers have seemed to endeared a kind affinity from retro gaming enthusiasts, which might explain these particular custom-made Mega Man action figures that were posted by Flickr member hacker-alias Chicago Toy Collector.

Here you’ll see both the Capcom’s famed Blue Bomber and his creator, Dr. Light, both in vintage action figure form and assembled from spare Kenner Star Wars action figure parts, the former with Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing Pilot’s head, a Star Destroyer Commander’s body, and an IG-88’s head for the arm cannon.

Mega Man and Dr. Light vintage action figures by Chicago Toy Collector image 2

Meanwhile, Dr. Light is just a Kenner Star Wars Obi-Wan figure repainted with a polka-dot tie, red pants, and wearing a white coat — hmm, “Use the force, Mega Man… use the force!”

Let’s not forget the stellar packaging for both of these goofy figures, which Chicago Toy Collector designed by him/her-self and totally recreate that old-school action figure feel. Heck, you could probably pull a fast one on someone by advertising them as long-lost action figures, and they might believe you!

Heck, I almost fell for it; they’re that good. Also good, the latest about a low-end iPhone and a wacky Oreo cookie gun – yes, you heard me – right here on Walyou. So sit tight, yo!