Flying High Gaming – Fighter Jet Arcade Cabinet

I feel the need… the need to play this sweet-looking arcade cabinet that’s designed like a fighter jet.

Fighter Jet arcade cabinet by Radek Michalowski image 1

Like a music collection or the stickers one puts on their Trapper Keeper, the kind of arcade cabinet an inspiring craftsman makes tells a heck-of-a-lot about that person. So what does this fighter jet looking arcade cabinet say about its maker, Radek Michalowski?

Actually, quite more than its metal and rivet laiden outer shell imply. Having lived within distance from the gate of the 28th PLM (a fighter plane regiment) in Redzikowo, Poland, Radek dedicated his own arcade machine in the style of a Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-23 fighter jet.

Fighter Jet arcade cabinet by Radek Michalowski image 2

It certainly fits that bill impressively, and it even has a subtle, touching tribute to one of Radek’s friends. The 846 labeled on the cabinet’s marquee isn’t just there a nice decorative flare, it in fact represents the number of the MiG-23 flown by his friend’s father.

Games wise, the machine runs a simple Mame emulator. Knowing that, I can already think up a few arcade titles that would be perfect match for this particular game station, say U.N. Squadron, Strikers 1945, or any other coin-op shooters based on fighter jets.

Fighter Jet arcade cabinet by Radek Michalowski image 3

Oh and believe me, I know more of them than the ones I just listed here… Although, I’ll just leave you here to admire Radek’s awesome creation, which can be found on his Etsy page – along with the option to buy it for the hefty price of $3,286.86 USD. Uhh… I think I’ll pass.

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