Iron Man or Iron Gorilla?! The Norwich Sculpture

Prague might have a beautiful Kafka statue, but Norwich has decided to compete with an equally quirky Iron Man tribute.

Iron Man Gorilla 1

GoGoGorillas! is an art project which took over Norwich in a quite unique way: by placing sculptures of gorillas all around town. The gorillas are each created and designed by a local artists, and there’s over 50 of them, but there’s one in particular that we want to point out to our readers.

Beccaelizabeth315 is a Tumblr user who saw one of the gorillas in a very special outfit: that of the comic book hero Iron Man. This one was created by artist Martin Wall, who also created a second one based off of Batman.

Iron Man Gorilla 2

The project will be running for 10 weeks, but we wish it was permanent. You can see where each of the gorillas are located by following this link here. Happy hunting!

Iron Man Gorilla 2

Iron Man Gorilla 4

Source: My Modern Met