New Apple Museum In Moscow

Legions of Apple aficionados (a fancier word for fanboys) always come up with new fangled ways to show their reverence to everything that comes from the stables of Apple. Since, their devotion borders almost on idolatry, it doesn’t come much as a surprise, that Apple museums are cropping all over the world. The latest Apple Museum that pays homage to everything Apple has opened up in Moscow and already throngs of fanboys, and girls are paying their not so perfunctory visits.

The Apple Museum in Moscow is the new Mecca for rabid Apple devotees, since it has all the rare models on display. So be it, the monochrome Apple II from 1978 or the iconic Apple Graphics Tablet, or even the rather abysmal Newton handheld, they all occupy a shelf in this new museum.

Andrei Antonov is the man behind the Apple Museum and as expected; the self-confessed Apple lover has been collecting Macs for more than three decades. Somewhat of a serious collector, Antonov got the idea of building a private Apple computer museum after the legendary Steve Jobs passed away. The pièce de résistance of the museum is hands down the 1978 model of the Apple II, which was a runaway success and made Steve Jobs and co-creator Steve Wozniak millionaires. The 1978 model of Apple II is just one of the many rare gems in the museum, and some other notable machines include; the Powerbook 100, the Apple Graphics Tablet (iPad’s Big Daddy), gaming accessories like the Apple II joystick and even a ‘Disk II’ drive , an add-on for the Apple II computer that was introduced in 1978.

You don’t have to be drinking the Apple Kool-Aid to appreciate Andrei Antonov’s effort. Apple is one the most revered name in the tech industry, and even the non-zealots cannot overlook Steve Job’s contribution or brilliance. Thus, an Apple Museum makes perfect sense and also reiterates the brand’s power. So next time you are in Russia, do make a stopover at the ‘Apple Museum and take a walk down Apple memory lane. The museum is located at 16 Pestovsky Per., bldg. 1, 2nd floor, m. Taganskaya and is open Saturdays and Sundays from 10 am to 6 pm; entry is free.

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