Plants vs Zombies Kickass Pistols

Artist, Illustrator and gamer Fellipe Martins re-imagines the iconic Plants vs. Zombies video game. But, before the gaming zealots take up arms, let us assure them, the basic  legendary gameplay remains untouched. Instead, Fellipe Martin showcases his creativity by designing a whole new arsenal of weapons, that honestly just plain kicks ass.

As you know (or don’t know) Plants vs Zombies is a tower defense game, where  the players needs to protect their precious tush from bloodthirsty zombies. To achieve this, the players don’t use traditional weaponry, but instead, utilize  an array of plants and foliage; like pea-shooting plants, massive rocks, and other forms of flora and fungi. Now in Martins modern, albeit, imaginary version, the Peashooter plants have been replaced with kickass Peashooter pistols, that can annihilate even the deadliest of zombie out there.

Intrigued? Well, then take a look at the badass arsenal of weapons listed below and pick you favorite (Personally, I am crushing on the Danzel Lily’s Custom Sniper Rifle).

The Peamann &Co “Green Marksman IV”

Aiming to achieve “green justice,” the Peamann &Co “Green Marksman IV” has a wooden grip, glued together with a standard beige duct tape, steel trigger, and a trigger guard with a Peashooter Repeater barrel.

 Peamann &Co “Frostbite”

With a cold-proof grip and a frost-free trigger, it is known to take the single Frost Peashooter barrel to new heights.

Baron David Twinkle’s Cattail Rifle

Don’t be fooled by the cute form factor. The Baron David Twinkle’s Cattail Rifle is deadly and used to hunt elephants.

Armadillo Tactical – Needle Spitter Shotgun

This explosive gun sports a Compact Cactus barrel and a pump handle.

Danzel Lily’s Custom Sniper Rifle

Named after a lady who despised close contacts, this zombie killing lean mean machine can kill from afar.

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