10 iPad 3 Rumors: What You Need To Know

It won’t be long before the tech world gets fixated on a shiny new Apple toy. The iPad 3 is speculated to make its debut this March and the rumor mill is already in an overdrive, since with great gadgets comes greater rumors.

So will the iPad latest incarnation impress the fanboys (never doubt the Apple obsession)? Will the iPad 3 tote the female of the year (Siri)? Will it solve world peace (mm probably not)? So if your having sleepless nights speculating what Apple will bring on the table this, then read our full run down of the rumors.

The Display

Apple disappointed its legion of fans when they decided to skimp on the Retina display for the iPad 2. The optimists feels that the Retina Display will now find its way on the third generation of the iPad, and we hope they are correct.

iOS 5.1

The iOS 5.1 on the iPad 3 is pretty much a done deal and anything less would be totally unacceptable (just warning you Apple).

Siri, Seriously

The voice that has captured the imagination of techies globally is rumored to make its debut on the iPad 3. The fact that the iOS 5.1 beta 3 settings application on the iPad has something called “Privacy and Dictation” and one also came across legal information about Siri, further adds fuel to the fire.

iPad Lite

With Amazon releasing different variations of the Kindle, to suit all budgets, Apple too is rumored to take the same path. So will a no frill iPad 3 appeal to the always specs greedy consumers? Lets wait and watch.

Need For Speed

The iPad 3 is rumored to draw its juice from a spanking new quad-core processor. These A6 processors shall be manufactured by Samsung, which is surprising, since Samsung and Apple are not exactly BFFs.

iPad 3 4G LTE Avatar

4G connectivity is no longer a distant dream in the States and expect the iPad 3 to be equipped with a Qualcomm 4G LTE Gobi 4000 chip.

Better Graphics and HD Camera

The display may or may not be Retina, but it will definitely be a higher resolution display. Also, expect the iPad 3 front facing web camera to be HD, so that Facetime becomes a sweeter experience.

Thunderbolt Port

The iPad doesn’t think much of the good old USB and its unlikely Apple will add a USB port in the latest avatar. However, a nifty Thunderbolt port could be another story and a game changer for some.

More Storage

Apple may just get bored of dishing out the usual 16,32,64GB variants and may just go for a 128GB model this time. Sounds pretty sweet, but with the recent Thailand floods, some think, unlikely.

Form Factor

Surprise, surprise, the iPad 3 may just be thicker and not thinner than its predecessor. This is because the iPad will have a higher-resolution display, so blame pixel density for the added bulk.