Star Wars Dart Board To Make You A Perfect Shooter

The game of throwing mini arrows at a circular target has been a game which is being played from 1896, and although it is rather popular, not many know that the actual Dart board game was created by Brian Gamlin, a mere carpenter. Since then Dart board has been one of the most favorite games played today and also a recognized sport. Its high skill sharpshooting is what makes people much more interested and inclined towards this game.

How would it be if dart board is combined with Star Wars? I know it would be one hell of a thing and not only delighted the Dartboard seekers but even make the Star Wars Fans the thrilled as it will be another addition to their Star Wars collection. So this “Star Wars Dart board” which is not only increase your shooting skills but even the art work done on the case will increase its aesthetic beauty to your room and make it a perfect showpiece.

It has been made by Adam Hughes who has just engraved the beauty of the Star Wars Leia, the last daughter of Alderaan. A magnificent art work done by Mr. Adam on a high quality hardwood called Bristol. This Bristol board increases the quality of the dart board, ensuring that it will go on for a long time. It has been also inserted with metal rims so that the scoring to be accurate. Even metal case hinges have been included and magnetic closure has been enabled to close the door properly.

A truly impressive piece will cost you $164.99, which is not only for playing but even for showing off.

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