12 Artworks of Global Stereotypes

Stereotypes about nations and their people usually originate from somewhere  and they do hold some grasp in real life, although most are still outdated. Yet when we imagine visiting Italy, France, Japan or Mexico, these are usually the first things that pop to our mind.

Somewhere in the Middle East

Middle East

Magical, mystical and scary, all at the same time.

Mexico, on the American Border


Not everyone in Mexico want to go live in the United States, but there are plenty who do.

France, the Good With the Bad


Tourists love France but hate the French.

Japan, the Ancient with the New


Apparently, ninjas are still a problem for home owners in Japan’s countryside.

Somewhere Near the North Pole


Chasing the Northern Lights.

America, in All It’s Size and Glory


All great change in America begins at the dinner table.

The Chaos that is India


This doesn’t even describe half of how chaotic an Indian city street can be.

Good Ol’ Grey England


There’s more to England and London than football, rain and drinking tea, but not much.

Germany, Drunk Yet Still Intimidating


The black eagle of Germany is still intimidating to some people, but in general, few countries in the world are more fun to visit.

Some More Italian Stereotypes


If it’s Pizza, Mafia, laundry flapping around in the wind or guys named Tony, Italy has everything.

Somewhere in the Former Soviet Union

Soviet Union

Who wouldn’t want to live in a place like this?

Getting By in Africa


When was the last time a naive tourist gone on Safari found himself eaten by cannibals?

This gallery was made by Andrey Gordeev. This is his Behance gallery.