Beautiful Illustration Art For Future Children’s Books

Teagan White came up with beautiful ideas and illustrations for children’s books, that I’m pretty sure these drawing will actually be the basis for some writer who needed a kick in his creative bone. The plot suggestions beneath the illustrations are ours, but anyone can feel free to use them.

Harvey the Greedy Chipmunk

Similar to the ant the grasshopper, only this time Harvey the Squirrel gets left with no friends and dies of a heart attack do to his diet and inability to share food with others.

The Last Acorn of Autumn

A story about two friends who couldn’t decide on who’ll take the last acorn, symbolizing what happens when two best mates fight over a girl. How the ‘Bros before hoes’ rule applies for small forest animals.


The Fawn and Doe

The fawn and the doe have a talk about the birds and the bees.

Animal’s Tea Party

A forest rave with rabbits, birds, foxes and other kind creatures.

Lonely Winter Fox

A recreation of ‘Into the Wild’.

Thins Squirrels Shouldn’t be Eating

An anti-drug book.

Garden Party

A pro-drug book.

To purchase these illustrations or any of Teagan White’s other works, just go here.