Artist Creates The Most Geeky Paper Cuts Artworks

Here at Walyou we always love to find great artworks of geeky artists. Star wars, comics video games and general pop culture fan art are always welcomed here. We love to see artists’ creativity and vision transform to a real life art creation. In this case we’ve found these amazing paper cuts by Adrian Morales.

3D Pop Out Art, better known as paper cuts are super fun to see, and it’s really amazing what can be achieved with some colorful papers, glue and a pair scissors.  Adrian Morales specializes in 3D pop out art and creates the most awesome geeky paper cuts we’ve seen. In his line of work you can see lots of Pokemon creations along with some other loved Video Games related characters such as Mega man, Zelda and lots of Comic Book creations such as Green Lantern, Wolverine, Deadpool and many more.


pokemon paper art 3d pop fanartHis Pokemon series includes almost all of the gang, and what you see above its only a small sample from the entire collection he created for Pokemon characters.

Marvel & DC

COMIC MARVEL PAPER CUTS ARTIf you are into comics, you will love his Marvel and & DC related creations, including some very known characters, with some fresh interpretations for the Green Lantern along with some other awesome comics artwork.

Nintendo & Other Video Games

nintendo  paper cuts artThese school paper-cuts creations these Nintendo cuts are like a time machine taking us back to the not so distant past when Nintendo ruled and pretty much everyone played Mario and Zelda.

You can check out more of his amazing work on his instagram page and etsy shop – where you can also get some of these cool 3D Pop Art creations.

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