The Incredible At-At Computer Case Mod

Modders keep outdoing themselves, impressing us with the art and thought put into crafting a computer more than the specs themselves. This time, they took on an AT-AT theme. We have a love-love relationship with AT-AT’s, and wish there would have been more scenes featuring them, but that’s ok… just staring at our AT-AT CPU will suffice for now.


Man, we’d love to cruise the surface of Hoth in one of these… while running Crysis at maxed settings in the process. Hell yeah.

This piece was created by modder Asphiax, who called it the Imperial Walker PC. It’s based on a giant Hasbro AT-ATs as the starting point, but carries something other than imperial soldiers. The AT-AT PC has a Zotax Z68 Mini ITX mobo inside with an Intel Core i7-2600K CPU, a Sapphire 6870 GPU and 8GB of RAM. Aaaaw, yeah, PC Master Race. Also, the lasers on the head light up. Cute!


Some more specs: the computer has a Koolance 370 CPU cooler and mosfet waterblocks along with a Heatkiller NB/SB waterblock, and XSPC pump 2 x 240 radiators, 4 x 120mm Enermax Fans, and controlled by a Scythe Mediabay. We’ll be honest, here, too. We copy-pasted that, and we have NO idea what that all means.


There’s a whole lot of pictures depicting the building process, as well as many other Sci-fi inspired mods at Asphiax’ website or the SCIFI OCD Facebook group.

Via: Technabob

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