Chell & Companion Cube Amigurumis

Portal, although one of the best series of all time, is not precisely “cute”, right? That is, until someone decides to represent it in amigurumi form. Chell & Companion Cube Amigurumi

We’ll give you a moment so you can say “aaaaw”, and the you can keep on reading. Chell and the Cube will never be alone again, as they have each other in this play set. Chell even has the own Portal Device too! Now you can talk to them and pretend you’re GLaDOS, just like you always dreamed. Oh, wait, that was us, sorry about that.

This was designed by Nerdigurumi, who put the pattern up for free, so you can try taking this design on. The Chell model even includes some wire to allow her to be posable, which is awesome. Now, let’s see if we can make her hug the cube!

Thanks to the Geek Crafts team for the lead on this story! It had been a while since we talked about Portal, but we absolutely love the series, and we made it clear in stories like Menacing Steampunk Portal Gun, Atlas & P-Body Wedding Cake Toppers and “This Is Apeture” Music Video Brings The Nightmare Before Christmas To Portal 2.