Star Wars AT-AT Vinyl Clock: Time To Take Over Hoth

Empire soldiers need to be synchronized, and ready to strike at any moment, so having a reliable clock is a must. And it’s even better if it’s AT-AT themed.


We know we’ve been sort of AT-AT crazy as of late (just check out The Incredible At-At Computer Case Mod, CAT-AT: The AT-AT Cat House and Grandpa Takes Over Hoth With The At-At Imperial Walker For Old People), but this one deserves a heads up. This clock was made by the Etsy store owner NotByLaser, and works on a wall or on your desk. The cool bit is that it is made out of actual vinyl, so if you have a turn-table, it might be time to play some AT-AT shaped tunes. Aw yeah. Now bring us those rebels!

Via: Technabob