Let Them Eat Cake, Angry Birds Style

It seems like there’s just no end to the Angry Birds fans’ creativity. We’ve seen wearable Angry Birds hats, live-action Angry Birds, and even edible Angry Birds like cake-toppers and the Angry Birds bento lunch. Now, one crafty cupcake artist has transformed another sweet treat into an adorable homage to the popular video game.

These cupcakes are the handiwork of Bobbie Alice, a baker, foodie, and iPhone addict whose love for all things Angry Birds can clearly be seen in her work.

Each type of bird and pig are represented on the individual cupcakes. She managed to capture their expressions perfectly, and the accessories on the pigs are fantastic. The crown,  construction hat, and mustache are particularly well-done.

Bobbie also made a large red bird cake for the top of the cake tower. She tweeted that she wasn’t very pleased with how he came out, but in this writer’s opinion, it looks great.

No details were given on what the birds and pigs are made of, but if they’re edible there’s a good chance they were sculpted from fondant, the same dough-like material used to create the Artisan Cake Company’s set of Angry Bird cake toppers and the E.T. cake we featured recently.

To break up the pigs and the birds, Bobbie made cupcakes with fluffy buttercream clouds, but I’m betting the lucky folks who got to eat these tasty treats were scrambling to be the first to grab one of the loveable characters first.

Via: GadgetSin