Autom: The Diet Robot

Over the holiday season, many of us will eat more of those filling treats than is good for us. But a robot called Autom might help people watching their calories to eat healthy foods.

Autom works differently from other Web and phone-based diet applications that you may be using by giving you a personality to interact with. You plan your diet with Autom by inputting your diet and exercise habits on the touchscreen, and she’ll speak to you, offering words of encouragement. Of course, it’s a synthesized voice, but perhaps some people will react better to hearing their diet plans spoken rather than just reading them. It apparently works, though. Some people who’ve tested Autom have even dressed her up and treated her as a friend.

Autom diet robot

Although the video says it’s Autom is available for pre-order, she’s acutally shipping and is available for $199, though the weight loss service costs $20 per month. It might be worth it for someone who’s serious about wanting to lose weight and be fit but doesn’t necessarily want to face a human being in order to do so.

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