The Furry Avengers: The Avengers Plush Dolls

It’s great to see The Avengers, Marvel’s super-group, gaining momentum just before their movie comes out: this is something relevant for many generations! Parents looking to introduce their offspring to the fiction on the series, or fans who just like cute twists on already popular characters are in for a treat. These Plushies were created by Funko, and display some of the most recognizable characters of the comic book/movie in the cutest way we’ve ever seen.


The Characters in plush form are Captain America, Thor, Hulk and Iron Man, but there’s also a vinyl variant that also includes Nick Fury (the Sam Jackson version, not the comic one). These will go for $10 to $12 dollars each. Too bad they weren’t here for the holidays, it would have made a great geeky gift.

Captain America


Steve Rogers, World War II hero is back in the present day to lead the mightiest heroes of Earth, dressed in a flag and with his characteristic shield. Even the plushie looks determined!




The mighty god of thunder, Thor, of the Norse mythology is also present  (let’s not forget he even had his own movie, just like every other character in this collection), so fans of the wielder of the Mjolnir can rejoice.


Iron Man


Save the ‘Dark Knight’ movies, the Iron Man series has been one of the most consistently good movies based on a comic book character ever, and now protagonist Tony Stark has earned his place in the pantheon of the most beloved super heroes ever.


The Hulk


The Hulk movies were sort of questioned for not being on par with other Marvel productions, but in any case, he’s one of the most charismatic characters in the Marvel universe, and we’re looking forward to see Bruce Banner’s personal story arc coming to an end.


Nick Fury


Nick Fury is available in vinyl only, but that’s okay: as if there could be a soft, plushy version of a character played by Samuel L. Jackson, the hardest guy on Earth.

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