Awesome Dragon Cake Pan

It’s impossible not to like dragons or at least be fascinated by them. Which is why the Dragon Cake Pan is such an awesome idea for anyone who loves to bake and even those who don’t.

What dragon is this? Doesn’t matter, although with the three scaley looking eggs, the first thing that jumps to my head are the three dragon eggs Daenerys Targaryen gets at the beginning of A Game of Thrones, the show and the book. And although Dragons were believed to be extinct when she gets them, they had to come from somewhere, right? Probably your dragon cake pan. Makes sense.

The Dragon Cake Pan

The Dragon Cake Pan, a Thinkgeek creation is made from cast heavy-gauge aluminum alloy and can hold just under 8 cups of batter when filled to about an inch from the top so the cake can rise. And when purchasing it, you don’t get just the pan. You get 2 boxes of standard cake mix and 1 box of Bundt cake mix. It’s dishwasher and oven safe to over 500° F and available for $24.99.

Dragons might not exist anymore or ever did and while never have tried one, reptiles don’t seem too tasty to me (I have some friends who love Gator meat). However, in cake mode and in dragon form, things look and probably taste a lot better.