Awesome Lego Nintendo DS Case

The Nintendo DS which hit the market in 2004 sold over 150 million units in its various models, but the original design was discontinued in 2007. Keeping an original safe from harm and those coveting this precious item is a top priority for all owners.

But how do you keep it protected, hidden and still manage to keep that cool geeky mystique every gamer needs in his life and especially in his room? Why, build some sort of huge Lego case that holds within it the device itself and all of your classic games like Zoo Tycoon and Super Mario Bros.

It might take up too much of your time, but once it’s built, you have a true Lego-Nintendo masterpiece in your room, good enough to share with the World Wide Web.

Nintendo DS Lego Case

The Case






As you can guess, there are plenty of cool stuff related to the Nintendo DS. There are the DS cases that have been made to look like Desserts, and if you’re really into some of our golden oldies, there’s this awesome Nintendo DSi made from Lego  ; And if you’re driving a Toyota, you might be using the DS as a GPS Remote.