Sony Holding PlayStation Meeting on February 20th

Sony’s making a lot of noise about an upcoming PlayStation event. Could this mean a PlayStation 4 reveal? (The answer is, yes.)

PlayStation 2013 PS4 Feb 20 image

It’s happening guys! That tingling sensation of hype coursing through your veins like a six-pack of Red Bull is none else than the news of next-gen hardware about to make their debut. Specifically from Sony, who is prepping a PlayStation meeting on February 20th.

How do we know that Sony will be revealing the successor to the PlayStation 3 on that date? Well, I don’t know about you, but nothing screams “Hey, guys we’re gonna show off our new console!” to me like a New York City event where you invite both investors and the press at large.

That… and the title of your press releases and the trailer you provide alongside said press releases all read, “See the Future.”

If indeed this is the reveal of the next PlayStation – Orbis, PS4, what have you – it comes rather earlier in the year than most expected. Well, what I expected – but then again, Sony did reveal the PlayStation Vita (yes, it still lives gosh darn it!) around in February.

And if that’s the case here, then it should paint a clear messaging road map for the PlayStation 4 with a hardware and console features being partially explained on the 20th, first-party software (come on Sony, show me The Last Guardian please!) shown at this year’s E3, and a release hopefully later in the year.

Potentially folks, this Holiday season if current rumors are to be believed, which would mean, if Microsoft’s Xbox 360 successor is hypothetically scheduled for a Holiday 2013 release, and so will Sony’s PS4… the later part of this year could big huge for the industry.

PlayStation 4 Orbis Mock Concept image

Of course, specs will play a key part to all this scuttlebutt. And while those details keep changing by the hour, recent sources gathered from the gaming website Edge stress that Sony’s chip-set for the next PlayStation will be more powerful than Microsoft next console efforts.

Yes, I know: didn’t take same hardware tactic last console release go-around end up biting Sony in the rump? It did, but these same sources say that because the inner-hardware to the PS4 is more PC-like in nature, the same complexities experienced last time by developers won’t be a problem.

There’s also semi-concrete info that the newly designed DualShock 4 will notably have a touch-pad – not a touch screen – which will be used in place of the existing Select, Start, and PS buttons and act similarly in functionality to that of the PS Vita’s back-touch panel.

And not that’s not all I’m hear through my channels… but perhaps that’s enough for today. We got a February 20th event to attend – it’ll be streamed across the Internet at 6pm Eastern – and the almost certainty of new gaming hardware. That’s good enough for me, frankly.

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