Zelda Pixel Heart Jewelry From Nastalgame

Hearts are a perfect kind of gift for a loved one. Particularly if they come in 8-bit.

zelda pixel heart jewelry by nastalgame image 1

Hearts in the videogame realm often symbolize life (well, except in Castlevania – they represent the amount of your sub-weapon – go fig), a way for a player to revive his or her health in the face of danger. Hearts also can represent love, of course, where in the romantic sense the sign of one’s affection for another – a box of chocolates or jewelry – usually takes on the form of one.

It’s not often that both representations hook up together, but when they do, it tends to produce some nifty nerdy reminders of how much you care for somebody. Such is the case with Etsy artist Nastalgame and their line of pixel heart jewelry based The Legend of Zelda series from Nintendo, which undoubtedly is know for being the king of “heart collecting.”

zelda pixel heart jewelry by nastalgame image 2

Nastalgame’s line of self-made jewelry comes in necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings that come in an awesome assortment of configurations – different kind of bracelet chains and blocky heart arrangements. I’d dare say that this fine, well-crated collection of jewelry might be the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day in February.

Yup folks, it’s just around the corner.

zelda pixel heart jewelry by nastalgame image 3

Don’t stress too much though, if you give your significant other one of these darlings and they’ll practically fall all over you. Yup, no single-player games for you, two-player all night long if you catch my drift. Wink, wink, say no more… (yeah, I don’t know what I’m talking about either.)

Go visit Nastalgame’s Esty store to check out the rest of their heart-felt goods and place a kind order if anything meets your Valentines gifting needs. For your nerdy needs though, that would be Walyou, where we’ve got PC tablets that survive any sort of drop and coffee tables that double as a fully functional NES controller.