Baby Avengers vs Baby X-Men

Comic book Superheroes and Super-villains is always worth a watch, but when they’re in baby form? Please, that’s somewhat of a geeky orgasm. Skottie Young made an awesome piece of epic fan art, displaying an infants version of the X-Men and the Avengers, new and old, fighting each other.

Captain America and Cyclops, the White Queen (Emma Frost) poking Daredevil in the eye (although I’m not sure how helpful that is), Hawkeye shooting a non-deadly arrow in the head of Beast. And it’s more awesome than what I described just now.

And although we do get to see some of these guys fight each other, every once in a while when Marvel decides to pull off some cross-over event and then retcon the entire thing, it’s to say who’ll win. I mean the Hulk pummeled through everybody during World War Hulk, so the Avengers, if he’s on the team, should have it covered, right?

In terms of popularity, checking box office success is a good way of resolving the battle.

The X-Men trilogy, under Brian Singer (X-Men, X2) and later Brett Ratner (X-Men: The Last Stand) made over $1.1 billion in the box office, averaging just under $390 million a movie. The Wolverine Origins movie also made over $370 million. The sort-of prequel, X-Men: First Class made $350 million. People like the X-Men, and there movies are usually critically acclaimed, considering the genre.

For the Avengers, it depends on who you call Avenger – New Avengers, mighty and so on and so on. Pretty much every Marvel Super Hero was an Avenger at a certain point. But we’ll talk about the latest franchise. The two Iron Man movies starring Robert Downey Jr. made $1.2 billion dollars combined.

Thor brought home nearly $450 million and the Incredible Hulk brought home a more modest $263 million. Captain America brought home around $368 million. The Avengers movie, with a budget of over $200 million, is expected to bring home Iron Man kind of numbers.