The Burt Reynolds – George Costanza – Skeletor Disturbing Pose Timeline

First there was Burt Reynolds, stretching out all naked while hiding things none of us wanted to see anyway, used later in a Direct TV commercial.

Then, a couple of decades later, came George Costanza. Not as sexy as Reynolds, but he was wheelin’ and dealin’ in the timeless are of seduction. That’s what you get from listening to guys like Kramer.

I know plenty of people have lost sleep or simply went through a disturbing series of weeks, months and years of terrible nightmares “thanks” to these photographs.¬†Apparently, this wasn’t enough. Nearly two decades later again (sensing a pattern?) someone has decided to target He-Man fans, by destroying the image of one of the greatest fictional bad guys of all time.

Skeletor is awesome, like it or not. There are few better named villains, who actually make for a more sympathizing character than the actual hero of the franchise. I don’t think I’m the only one who think He-Man, aka Prince Adam of Eternia, is kind of annoying.

Well, whatever you thought of Skeleter until now, un-think it. The next image is impossible to un-see. You have my warning.

Yes, you’re not mistaken. This is a naked Skeletor, a man also known as the Lord of the Night or the Lord of Destruction, posing, completely naked, on a rug. I’m a very big He-Man fan, or at least I was back when I thought there was still a Santa Clause. I’m pretty sure if I knew Skeletor can be portrayed like this I would have had to re-think the whole being a fan of the character thing. This actually changed me.