Arts and Crafts The Largest Balloon Sculpture In The World Depicts Optimus Prime

The Largest Balloon Sculpture In The World Depicts Optimus Prime

The Transformers might be cold metal and robot parts with a spark, but this sculpture is quite different, as it’s based entirely on balloons.

Optimus Prime Balloon Sculpture

The sculpture seen in this page is, according to its creatorJohn Reid aka Epic Balloons, the largest balloon sculpture in the world. It’s meant to portray Autobots leader Optimus Prime, but when we see the color palette all we can think about is Eva-01 from Evangelion. It was displayed at the Salt Lake City Comic Con, and people are calling it “Poptimus Prime” around the web.The whole thing is over 50 feet tall and was created out of 4,302 balloons. Hot damn.

Source: Geeks Are Sexy

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