Wake Up in the Smell of Coffee with the Barisieur Alarm Clock

The most effective way to wake up has yet to be determined, but manufacturers of alarm clocks currently battle between strong vibrations, annoying sounds and the potent odors capable of waking up even the heaviest sleepers.

The Barisieur alarm clock is from the last category, as it relies on the strong smell of freshly-brewed coffee to wake people up. Unlike conventional alarm clocks, which emit obnoxious sounds until people open their eyes, the Barisieur relies on an all-too-familiar odor to help people start their day on the right foot. The creation of British industrial designer Joshua Renouf (who definitely has some French roots, judging by his name), this coffee maker-alarm clock hybrid does not emit a synthetic version of the ol’ cup of Joe, but it actually brews coffee so you can drink it as soon as you wake up (I would actually advise against that, as it’s recommended to eat something before drinking coffee in the morning in order to avoid an upset stomach).

As Renouf put it, the Barisieur “encourages a ritual before going to sleep,” as you need to place sugar, milk, water, and ground coffee in the respective compartments so that the machine can start working in the morning. The stainless steel ball found in one of the Barisieur’s glass recipients boil the water using induction heating. After that, the water is simply poured over the ground coffee, and the resulting caffeinated drink ends in a cup.

First exhibited at New Designers 2014, The Barisieur features a minimalistic design. The retro characteristics combined with wood, glass and stainless steel make this machine a beauty to look at. Add to that the never-seen-before functionality of this coffee maker-alarm clock hybrid and you have one of the best ways to wake up in the morning.

Depending on how deep is your sleep, The Barisieur might or might not be the product for you. If I perform extenuating physical activities on the day before, it’s almost a certainty that a coffee being brewed near me won’t be able to wake me up. On the other hand, annoying buzzers might fail as well, and that’s why I prefer smart bracelets that use gentle vibrations to help you get up.

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