Students at BYU Create Batman Grappling Hook for Competition

Batman has lots of cool gizmos and gadgets he uses to fight crime and take down bad guys, including his utility belt. Students from BYU have taken inspiration from that belt to create their own grappling hook gun.

One of the coolest things about Batman is that he has a gadget and gizmo for just about anything, much like a darker, less comical version of Inspector Gadget. One of Batman’s most iconic features is his yellow utility belt, which houses his primary gadgets and gizmos, including his well-known grappling hook gun, also known as the Batcable. No Batman costume is complete without a yellow utility belt around the waist, housing a grappling hook gun on the side. A group of engineering students at Brigham Young University (BYU) took a bit of inspiration from Batman’s iconic grappling gun used to get onto the ledges of tall buildings, and utilized it to create their own grappling hook gun.

The BYU students took their grappling hook gun and entered it into an Air Force competition. Their gun can shoot the hook up to 90 feet in the air and then uses various techs, including pulleys, to pull the person using the grappling hook gun right over the building with little to no real effort. They are flying up that building almost as fast as Batman.

In this competition, teams have 20 minutes to demonstrate their grappling hook and then train representatives of the military on how to use it. The objective of this competition is to have three people get up a 90 foot vertical incline, each strapped with 300 pounds of military gear.

Even Cosmo the Cougar, the BYU mascot, wanted to get in on the Batman-like action

Personally, I am waiting to stock up my utility belt with Batarangs, a Bat Goo gun, and Bat Pellets, but I will take a grappling gun in the meantime.

Thanks to Technabob for bringing this to our attention! For some other great Batman-related stories, check out the Lego-ized The Dark Knight Rises trailer and these incredible yet scary artist renderings of Joker.