The Best New Geeky Art of the Week #2

People excited about Anchorman coming back; Incredible take on Leon and Mathilda; Wolverine channels his inner Winnie the Pooh, or is it the other way around; Kick-Ass characters looking… well, Kick-Ass; The Harry Potter gang chillin’ in the bar; Optimus Prime getting a Tattoo.

Funny Looking Thundercats

Yelling at Donny

Walter can be a bit of a douche.

Optimus Prime a-la Norman Rockwell

A tribute to ‘The Tattooist.’

The Harry Potter Gang at the Three Broomsticks

A Tribute to Kick-Ass

Did I Do That?

Marvel Meet Winnie the Pooh

Leon and Mathilda

Great idea for a comic book.

Alternative Metroid Art

The Channel 4 News Team

For last week’s episode – 1