The Dark Knight Rises Trailer in Lego

Would you be able to watch an entire feature film, say something between 90-120 minutes, in Lego? Probably not. But play a Lego video game or watch a Lego spoof of a trailer? Sure. We love that stuff, and history has taught us the Lego do Batman well.

It’s been rather quiet in geek kingdom of late regarding the third and final installment in Chrisopher Nolan’s take on the Bruce Wayne story. Hunger Games, the return of Game of Thrones and a massive publicity campaign for the Avengers coming up in May took most of the headlines. Even Prometheus, because of all the mystery surrounding the project, was able to steal the spotlight for a bit.

But as we get closer to the July 20 cinematic release, the excitement levels are slowly rising. It’s not just from the usual numbers standpoint, of wondering how much TDKR will make in the box office and will it reach the heights of its predecessor. The most important questions are how good will it be? Will we be satisfied with the ending?

How far will they go with the ‘Breaking the Bat’ storyline. Will Nolan actually dare to go with the death of Bruce Wayne, the replacement of the mantle? He has had ‘Bad’ endings before, both in Memento and in The Prestige, although that depends on your perception I guess.

What I do know for sure is that this Lego version of the trailer is awesome. Bane doesn’t look as menacing as a tiny figure, but keeping the original soundtrack was a good choice, and the football field dropping is incredible.