12 Incredible & Scary Joker Art Pieces

Who’s the best comic book villain of all-time? The best villain ever, comic books or not? You’ll never get one, unified answer, but I think The Joker, Batman’s number one nemesis, will get more votes than anyone else.

Is it the insanity factor? Or is it just the rising popularity of Batman in general since the film franchise was rebooted by Christopher Nolan in 2005, followed by the amazing Dark Knight and Heath Ledger’s performance? Probably a little bit of both.

Sometimes, people just need a little reminded as to what’s good for them. The Joker is perfect because he has no moral compass, not a bit or an ounce of sanity in him. Pure evil? Close to it. Simply someone with nothing to lose, and so much stuff in front of him to destroy. And then there’s the whole Batman issue …

I’ll Make You Laugh to Death

The Hungry Joker

Insane (Obviously) Joker

The One I Find Most Disturbing

The Cesar Romero Tribute

Portrayed the Joker in the 1960’s television series.

George Papandreou as a Devilish Joker

The Greek Prime Minister for a couple of years.

If You’re Gonna Shoot, Shoot, Don’t Talk


Evil Smile

The Joker From the Arkham Video Games

The Voodoo Experiment

Best Friends

I think the comic works at its best when The Joker drops by, and we get the sense that there’s much in common, maybe too much in common between them. Batman is just as insane as the rest of the Arkham fellas, he just chose to go against them.