Batman Fans Killed in Colorado Massacre

If news related to violent acts of terrorism in distant corners of the globe weren’t enough, a massacre took place right in the American heartland, in Colorado.

A gunman shot and killed 12 people and injured 50 others critically as they sat watching the latest Batman flick, The Dark Knight Rises. The killer shot at people randomly while wearing a gas mask and the motives behind the act are not known. It is not clear why he chose to attack people watching the Batman movie in particular.

Scenes of mayhem and confusion prevailed outside the movie hall where the crime took place. The scariest fact is that this gunman could have chosen any movie theater and attack people watching any movie that was being shown. The FBI does not suspect the act to be linked to any terrorist groups and the suspect has been held by the authorities.

At Walyou, we cover news and trends related to geek culture and learning that Batman fans were killed in the most gruesome manner possible while watching their favorite flick is something that we are unable to comprehend or digest. Our hearts go out to the family members of the victims and to the injured.