Legend of Zelda Hockey Jersey Design 2.0

It’s dangerous to go alone, but sadly, you can’t take this awesome design of a Zelda hockey jersey quite yet.

Zelda Link hockey jersey design 2.0 Image

Ashamedly, hockey is a huge unknown for me as a sports fan, particularly for two reasons. 1) Growing up in Texas, where snow and ice is rarer than a salad being ordered at a local steak house. And 2) Football, and then later basketball (I loves my hoops), managed to influence my young impressionable mind way before the puck-based sport ever had a chance to.

I am trying to rectify this, though. Because as of these past couple of seasons, hockey has been on a steady upswing of popularity thanks to new rule changes and the enforcement of a league-wide salary cap, which have equalized the balance of competition between clubs. Oh, and seeing hockey games on a high-definition television is gosh-darn great.

Of course, what could also send me madly puck-crazy – to which I don’t believe there is a cure for – is this absolutely sweet, Legend of Zelda Hockey Jersey designed by Dave Delisle. You might remember Dave Delisle from his previous attempts to tie geeky properties with the standard issued hockey-uniform from his series of Game of Thrones’ themed-jerseys.

Those bad boys were out-o’-sight, and so was an earlier version of another Zelda hockey jersey that managed to be made and sold in limited quantities. If memory serves me, the first design didn’t feature the brown patches and lower stripe like this one; I’m sure these were added to mimic Link’s iconic green tunic. Also, the other jersey came printed with Miyamoto (named after the series famous creator) on the back, instead of the apparent “Zelda.”

On to the million-dollar question: will this 2.0 Zelda design ever get made? If enough attention and clamor is warranted – likely through the Internet channels – Dave might give into the request. So if you do ever want a chance to own an actual Zelda hockey jersey of this marvelous type, visit his website, share the post with friends, and make you voice be known.

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