BBC News Reports Halo’s Involvement With Syrian Conflict

The BCC News accidentally credits a fake Halo high-level agency during a news story about Syria. No joke.

BBC News Halo UNSC Logo Image

Not that anyone should benefit from a terrible ongoing conflict in a different region of the world, but when press like this falls into your lap, I would think you’d call it day and thank the gaming gods for its kindness. Pretty sure that’s what the fine folks down at 343 Industries, the talented men and women behind Halo, did after this live-TV mishap.

During a report about the Syrian conflict, the BBC News, who’s normally an on-the-ball news group, flashed on screen what they though was the logo for the United Nations, except some employee must have not done their due diligence, because what they actually showed was an image of the United Nations Space Command.


Halo fans should snappily recognize that organization as the military, exploratory body of the Unified Earth Government from the Halo universe, to which Master Chief proudly serves. A fictional organization I should add. Yeah, big whoops, indeed. BBC News later apologized for airing the Halo logo, and gave Eurogamer this statement from a company spokesperson:

“BBC News makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of all images broadcast, however very occasionally mistakes do happen. Unfortunately an incorrect logo was used during a segment on last week’s News at One bulletin and we apologise to viewers for the mistake. The image was not broadcast in our later bulletins.”

Exactly how did the UNSC logo find its way into this screwy mess? Easily explained, my Dear Watson. By Google Image searching “United Nations Security Council Symbol“, one can plainly see that the logo for the fictional UNSC is oddly given back as a query result. …Uh, hey Google, you might want to fix that by the way.

I’m guessing by mistake someone, probably a poor overworked intern who’s only pay is in sour tea and soggy crumpets, grabbed that image to meet a quickly ending deadline – and tada! – Halo on the 24-hour newsfeed where it probably shouldn’t.

Big thanks to the sharp eyes of a YouTube user for capturing this super weird, super funny moment for all to see. We’ve got some sharp eyes here on Walyou, now that I mention it. How else do we provide such awesome geeky articles, such as this Star Wars grill (may the grill be with you, tee hee) and a PlayStation 3 coffee table that would look good in any respected gamers’ home, just for you.