Fighting Robot PC Mod

We know Japanese robots and transformers can turn into basically anything, but have you ever thought that your PC might be one?

We know for a fact that designing and creating a custom mod for PC’s is not an easy task, but this one might be one of the most precise jobs we’ve seen yet. This is the creation of Wehr-Wolf, a talented Ukrainian modder that created this mecha computer in just a couple days.

We’re not sure about the specs, nor if the computer can run Crysis at max settings, but damn, ain’t she gorgeous? Wehr-wolf used nothing but a couple tools and a solder to carry this project out, which is commendable by itself. Congratulations, you talented, talented man!

Now we wish we had winters like Ukraine to have a reason to stay home and create things like that. Also, the talent. That sort of matters.

Via: Garotas Nerds

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