Best Magical Items in Fiction

Alas, our world is restricted by laws of physics. Magic is left in works of fiction, along with some incredible magical items that would be pretty awesome to use in real life. Just think what you could do with the Genie of the lamp, the Elder Wand from Harry Potter or if you’re feeling a bit mischievous, the one ring from Lord of the Rings.

Elder Wand, Harry Potter

Some know it as the wand of destiny, made out elder wood with a core of Thestral tail hair. According to legend, in the hands of its true master, he or she cannot be defeated in a duel. It will also not allow it’s true master to be harmed by it, something similar to possibly Asimov stories or even RoboCop orders. According to the author, he Elder Wand only responds to power. If a master dies naturally without ever being defeated, the wand’s power will die for any following owner, since it was never won from the former.

Flying Carpet, 1001 Nights

One of the stories in the One Thousand and One Nights relates how Prince Husain, the eldest son of Sultan of the Indies, travels to Bisnagar, buying a magic carpet. This was its description: Whoever sitteth on this carpet and willeth in thought to be taken up and set down upon other site will, in the twinkling of an eye, be borne thither, be that place nearhand or distant many a day’s journey and difficult to reach. The literary traditions of several other cultures also feature magical carpets, in most cases literally flying rather than instantly transporting

Hand of Midas

Most people know some version of the Greek Mythology story about king Midas, who was both blessed and cursed with the ability to turn anything he touched into gold. It recently appeared in the Once Upon a Time TV show, in the “flashbacks” to the fairy tale timeline regarding the life of Prince Charming.

Magic Lamp, Aladdin

Pretty simple, and few in the world don’t know how this one works, regardless of the version. A genie forced to live inside it as a prisoner forever for his deeds, that can grant the one who rubbed the lamp three wishes, although there are some restrictions, changing from story to story. The Genie forever wishes to be free, but can’t be released unless the person in control uses one of his wishes to free him.

The One Ring, Hobbit & LOTR

A fictional artefact that appears as the central plot element in J. R. R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth fantasy novels. In the Hobbit, it is only a magic ring of invisibility. Later, in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, we learn more about the ring and its true power – forged by the Dark Lord Sauron during the Second Age in order to gain dominion over the free peoples of Middle-earth, able to rule and control those who wore the others.

Truth Chain, Fablehaven

Fablehaven is a children’s literature fantasy series written by Brandon Mull, with five books coming out since 2006, ending with Fablehaven: Keys to the Demon Prison. In the books is a magical collar placed around one’s neck. Often referred to as a the Magic Lasso or Golden Lasso (Wonder Woman, anyone?), it forces anyone captured by it to obey and tell the truth, and if someone does lie it will kill it thorough constriction.

Summoning Horn, Bartimaeus Sequence

A fantasy series by Jonathan Stroud consisting of a trilogy published from 2003 to 2005 and a prequel novel published in 2010, which tells the story of Bartimaeus, a 5000 year old djinni. The story follows the career of a teenage magician Nathaniel and the alternative history of the peak of London’s power as a magical oligarchy, through the eyes of the djinni Nathaniel first summons.

The summoning horn can be used to summon any entity within the users command at a moments notice regardless of how powerful it is. Any spirit that is within range of the horn when blown will be begging for mercy, likewise a spirit can tell a genuine Summoning Horn from a fake as it makes them ill to be in the presence of one.

The Dagger of Time, Prince of Persia

A dangerous weapon that allows its wielder to to harness the power of the Sands of Time, and manipulate time itself. It also is capable of making its wielder immortal. If the wielder uses the weapon to harness the power of the Sands of Time, then impales themselves with the blade, it will embed the Sands of Time into that wielder, making them immortal.