World’s First LEGOLAND Hotel Opens Its Doors in April 2013

The news that a hotel would be built in LEGOLAND California has been around for quite some time, but now we finally know the date the gates (or rather doors) will open to let the kids and the grown-ups in.

The LEGO hotel in San Diego, California, won’t be built out of LEGO bricks, as many might have hoped, but this does not mean it won’t be amazing. In fact, it will probably offer more comfort and will be more entertaining than a hotel made from LEGO building blocks, as those could be removed by anyone at anytime. Since the paint job will resemble the famous bricks, maybe the kids will be easily convinced by the illusion. In fact, it might be interesting to make them guess how many LEGO bricks have been using for building the hotel, just to see the kind of number they come up with.

LEGO bricks might not be used for building the hotel, but this does not mean that kids and parents won’t see LEGO models everywhere. There will be pirates, arches, LEGO dogs with LEGO sausages in their mouths and so on. The rooms will be split in three categories, depending on their overall theme. Kids will have to choose between being a pirate, a knight or an adventurer. More numerous families will take advantage of the themed bunk beds and of the TV sets that seem to be embedded in a LEGO wall.

Safe-keeping is a major concern for the owners of the LEGO hotel. As proof of that, a safe is placed in some (if not all) rooms, on top of which a giant LEGO frog stands guard. Thus, visitors will be able to lock away their valuable belongings.

According to the CEO of the Merlin Entertainments Group, the rooms will feature all sorts of hidden surprises and LEGO characters. In other words, this hotel is everything a LEGO addict could have ever dreamed of. Three stories on which 350 rooms are spread will offer room for plenty of visitors. A clock tower and a dragon exhaling real smoke will welcome the visitors right at the entrance. What happens next is pure magic.

The LEGO hotel will be inaugurated on April 5, 2013. As the officials of LEGOLAND California stated, the project is ahead of schedule, which means that a lot of people gave their best to make sure that LEGO enthusiasts can find their dream accommodation faster.

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