14 Must-Have Skyrim Mods

Video games are just a platform for changes, meaning mods. Skyrim on its own is an incredible, vast, epic experience that will take you away from your real life for over 100 hours if you’re really hooked. These mods, some of them useful and some plain funny, will probably increase the number of hours you spend in front of the screen.

Posh Mudcrabs

Mudcrabs hardly pose a challenge once you’re into the teen-levels of your character, so at least laugh from their sense of style while pounding on them with your war hammer.

Less Condescending Guards

City and town guards tend to be, well, a bit arrogant around you. Their most famous line is “I used to be an adventurer like you, but then I took an arrow to the knee.” but it gets worst. Now, until you reach level 75 they won’t bother you.

Daedra-Like Rabbits

Rabbits are no longer quiet creatures waiting for you to fling an arrow at them. Hostile and a voice, just like the Daedra, but no attacking skills, yet. Remember your Jurrasic Park – life always finds a way.

Midas Magic

Not satisfied with your spell inventory? Midas magic is a complete upgrade of your spell book, including meteor showers and firing mini-dragons at enemies.

Relentlessly Unrelenting Force

You can Fus Ro Dah all day long with this mod, that allows you to keep shouting as long as you keep your finger on the button.

Pet Dwarven Spider

Have your very own Dwarven Spider follower which cannot be killed.

Open Cities

No more loading screen. Integrating the cities into the general landscape, helping you wander in and out the gates without seeing some fact about the Labyrinthian.

Argonian Skin Shoes

Skyrim HD

Crafting Meltdown

There are plenty of crafting mods for the game, but this one allows the Dragonborn to meltdown anything useless he’s picked up along the way into raw materials. This also allows archers to create arrows through smithing, something missing from the game.

Improved Dragons

While dragons provide quite a challenge earlier in the game, they do become rather easy to beat when you pack on the levels. Problem solved with this mod, that gives you more of a challenge against flying lizards when you feel it’s getting too easy for ya.

Quality Map

Instead of using the clairvoyance spell all the time to find you way (I do at least), just get the mod to put roads on your Skyrim map.

Skyrim as MMO

Still a work in progress, with chatting the only thing available, but the direction is having an actual Skyrim MMO.

No Spiders

Arachnophobia bothering you? Replace the spiders with bears.

For more Skyrim mods, just head over to the workshop.