Cool, Yet Steamy – The NERF Steampunk Sniper Rifle

Not everything in life is a matter of shooting and plowing through, and sometimes stealth yields the best results. Particularly if you need to survive in a steampunk world. Steampunk fuses the best of the old and new times in beautiful and complex fantasy worlds where things like this sniper rifle would fit right in.


We love Steampunk mods applied to weapons, but this one in particular is a bit different from everything we’ve seen before. The details are cool and look great, but the coolest bit is that we haven’t really seen that many Sniper Rifles amongst these mods. You’d think that’s the first thing someone would think of, being that there’s an aura of coolness and mystery around these weapons.


This mod was created by Vanbangerburger, but we first heard about it from our friends at Obvious Winner. Thanks, guys! If you still need more steampunk in your life, head over to What Is Steampunk, our recap of of our favorite articles, or check out these 20 Awesome Steampunk Watches.