Best Super Mario Inspired Furniture

Super Mario Bros. is one of the most loved Nintendo video games ever made. On a personal note, it’s the first video game I ever played, way back in the 1980’s.

The impact of this game is much bigger than just playing it on your Nintendo. People are still inspired by it, creating all kinds of artworks paying homage to the beloved game. So why not go back in time and add a little bit of old-school vibe to our lives with these amazing, Best Super Mario Inspired Furniture. From bunk beds to dressers, these pieces of furniture are super cool!

Super Mario Theme Bunk Bed

The person who built this bed spared no creative expense. The use of the right colors along with some iconic Super Mario Bros symbols such as the question mark block and the green pipe makes this bed super geeky, and every kid’s dream.

Super Donkey Kong Shelves

This Donkey Kong shelf composition is absolutely epic!  Its creator noted that it is super easy to achieve since it’s basically all about hanging the shelf at the right angle, and then placing all of the figurines… super neat!

Mario & Luigi Dresser

This dresser is all about color and life. The use of blue color along with some Super Mario stickers is cool. The dresser can be a great addition to any kid’s bedroom or playroom.

The Mario Block

For a more contemporary Super Mario Bros decor this Mario block is a right fit. It can be used as a storage unit or even as a side table.

Super Mario Mosaic Table

The Mario mosaic coffee table is all about 8-bit style, and with its total of 2209 stones, it is simply a work of art.

Super Mario Shaped Side Table

This table can be a great addition to any kid’s playroom and even as a geeky side table at your hot new startup, if you’re actually working at one.

Mario-Themed shelves

Feel a little bit like Mario or Luigi with this out of this world unit shelf. This unit shelf has so many cool features such as the question mark block containers, decorative wall art of the famous game background and of course a side table in the shape of the famous Mario’s pipe.

Super Mario Bunk Bed

Show me the kid who will not want this bed! Cool from top to bottom, this castle-shaped Mario bros theme bunk bed is totally a kid’s dream comes true.

Mario Themed Bookcase

This woodwork is beautiful and super cool, and is made of solid cherry with walnut, incorporating Mario’s style bricks and question mark blocks.

Chain Chomp Cat Bed

This super bed cat is definitely not your ordinary, boring cat bed.

Lego Super Mario Bros Tabletop

Only good things can come from a LEGO + Super Mario, and by looking at this Lego Super Mario Bros Table Top, it seems that I’m right.

Mario & Luigi Kids Bedroom Dresser

This geeky dresser is totally a DIY piece of furniture, all you need besides a dresser and some talent, of course, is a blue color, some super Mario decal and you are all set.


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