Special Black Friday Deals – Tokyoflash Japan Watches

Shopping time is here yet again! Black Friday is just a few days away and the web is already full with lots of great deal offers and special conditions that make your shopping spree much more fun and, yeah, you get to save some bucks while you are at it.

By now you already know the great branded watches Tokyoflash, they offer really awesome, futuristic and super geeky quality watches. Here on Walyou we are frequently covering this awesome brand since they are incredibly cool and we just love them. Tokyoflash is running special deals and sales at the end of the year and this coming Black Friday is no exception. Tokyoflash is offering a Black Friday coupon for 48 hours only, and they are offering up to 15% off for each watch you buy.

To get this special deal you need to enter in the coupon code checkout the word” BLACK“.

Earlier this month Tokyoflash released some more cool watches, so here’s a quick review for the two latest ones.

Kisai Maru LCD Watch

If you are looking for a combination of a innovative led watch with a functional design which includes time, date, alarm, backlighting and animation this Kisai Maru lcd watch is the prefect one for you. Available in 3 metal colors, black, silver and sienna this edges and circles themed watch retails for $149.00

Kisai Maze LCD Watch

This Kisai Maze will definitely get your brain’s wheel turning every time you want to know the time. The LCD pathways that incorporate digital numbers displays the time in a fun and unique way. Available in 8 diffident color combinations this truly is a one of a kind LCD watch, and retails for $139.00

If you are looking for a unique and surprising gift to give your loved ones the Tokyoflash watches can be a great option. Rather its a LED watch, a spy watch or a futuristic one you’ll find something great to buy. For more Tokyoflash watches reviews check out our Complete Guide To Tokyoflash Watches.