The Melbourne “Dumb Ways to Die” Metro Safety Clip Goes Viral

Although it doesn’t sound too considerate, I think we can all agree that sometimes people die in a very stupid and pretty much wasteful way.

The guys at Melbourne Metro Trains uploaded this very humorous and nicely executed safety video “Dumb Ways To Die” , and the song is very catchy (so you have been warned!). The video presents some really dumb ways to die such as swimming with Piraeus, set fire to your hair, dress like a deer in hunting season and some other pretty unlikely ways such as taking your helmet off in space, but the message it pretty clear you should pay attention and not try to do stupid things that can kill you. Not sure how many people actually die from doing reckless things in the subway  but I guess that if they dedicated a whole video and campaign to it, it must be more then what you and I both think. Either way being safe and aware of your surroundings is never a bad idea.

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